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Winter Wardrobe Tips on Layering

Winter Wardrobe Tips on Layering

As winter is officially here, you know it’s going to be quite chilly outside. To keep yourself warm, you will have to dress for the weather. However, bundling up doesn’t have to mean stuffy, unflattering clothing anymore. You can still be comfortable and cozy without compromising your style with just one word: layering. Take advantage of the need to dress warmer this season by using our winter layering tips

1. Begin from the basics.

Your basics will be the starting point of your layered style. I love wearing a body-hugging basic because it makes my body feel warmer. Depending on your area or the temperature during the day, you can go with either a jersey tank, short or long-sleeved shirt. It really doesn’t matter what color because for the most part, this portion is not seen. However, neutral, earth-tone, or whatever matches your top layer is better.

Some people double-up on their basics. For example, you can wear a tank underneath and a long-sleeved shirt over it or vice versa. You just have to play it up and see what works with the pieces you’re putting together.

2. Utilize a collared shirt.

Your second layer will be a button-down shirt with a collar. This will give your style a preppy yet sleek look. I find that a chambray shirt is a fashionista’s favorite. However, the key — as always — is to find whatever works with the other pieces in your outfit. You can go with solid or small to medium prints. Old Navy and Gap have a ton of great button-down shirt choices. My suggestion is to find staple pieces that you can also use in the summer and for both work and play. For example, pick solid, neutral or pastel colors versus seasonal colors. But as a side note, there’s nothing wrong in investing in some great seasonal shirts though.

3. A cozy sweater, cardigan, or vest – your choice.

Are you feeling warm yet with these winter layering tips? As much as it seems like it’s toilsome to layer up, you will do yourself a great service if you do. The number of layers will obviously depend on the temperature outdoors. Sometimes, you may just stop right here – with a sweater, cardigan, or vest. Other times you will have to add another layer to really feel cozy.

Here are some styling tips to remember in this third layer:

  • If you choose a sweater, make sure that it’s a bit shorter than your button-down shirt. You would want the bottom of the shirt sticking out the bottom a little bit for the best effect.
  • There are different cardigan styles. If you choose a more fitted cardigan with buttons, button it up and use it as a sweater. If you choose a cascading type of cardigan, cinch your waist by belting it. Open the middle part so that the bottom of your collared shirt is seen.

4. Top it off with an oversized coat.

Although oversized coats may seem chunky, the good thing is that you normally get to remove them off once you’re indoors. That’s why your inner layers need to be just as stylish as your outerwear. Most people invest in coats in neutral colors such as black, tan, and gray. There are different styles as well but the most common one is the straight coat. There are plaid coats that will work great with floral button-down shirts if you would like to experiment with some print-on print but just don’t overdo it.

5. Get to the bottom of it.

When it comes to winter layering tips, the bottom part is easy. What style are you going for? Some wear tights underneath a skater or pencil skirt, or a pair of shorts for a flirty look. Others wear faux leather leggings for a more edgy vibe. If you would like a preppy, intellectual casual winter layered look, wear a pair of skinny jeans for your bottoms. Another important tip is to invest in a few pairs of tights in black, gray, burgundy, and mustard colors. I find that they are a staple in the winter!

To polish off your look, make sure to accessorize. Wear a wool hat or a beanie, wrap a stylish scarf around your neck, and match with your favorite boots! If you’re looking for a great fashion partner this winter, Graphic Jaw is the best for you! Graphic Jaw provides high-quality, and stylish clothing from the basics to the coat, and even with the accessories and footwear! You can email us at or visit Graphic Jaw to learn more. Hope you find these tips helpful. Happy layering!