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Here are 5 Simple Yet Must-Follow Fashion Tips

Here are 5 Simple Yet Must-Follow Fashion Tips

Many people may think that being fashionable takes a lot of time, effort, and money. However, having a great fashion sense won’t need you to take courses or even follow the latest fashion shows. All you have to do is to take a look at the streets and you’ll surely find incredible and unique inspiration to help you decide what to dress up!

Here are simple yet must follow fashion tips to transform your own style into what modern fashion is all about:


Tip #1: When you’ve got nothing to wear, just wear black.

Black will never go out of fashion, whether it’s a jacket or a black leather coat, it will always be stylish. If you take a look at the streets especially in New York, wearing nothing but black is the default but a fashionable option.

Tip #2: Price doesn't matter, but the combination does.

It doesn’t matter if your clothes are branded or not. It is not a big deal where you bought them or how much they’re worth. What matters is how you combine them. Modern fashionistas can easily combine an expensive handbag with an inexpensive top, and still look gorgeous!

Tip #3: Add something bright if something is lacking from your appearance.

Sometimes we feel that something is not alive in our appearance. But worry no more because adding a bright color is the answer. If you feel that something is lacking from your appearance, just add something bright. One great example is combining a bright bag, hat, or pair of shoes with a black outfit, and you can guarantee that you’ll stand out from the crowd!

Tip #4: Try to mix up your style.

If you want to give a ‘just got out of bed’ vibe, you can complete that look by adding something as simple as a pair of converse, combined with a baggy T-shirt. But did you know that a pair of heels might also work with that style? If you try to combine unique and unusual styles, you'll be surprised at the results.

Tip #5: Confidence in your style is the key.

The best way to show your unique style and individuality is by not worrying about what others will think. Be confident in your style. Do it. You’ll look better and feel better if you’re confident with yourself and if you follow your taste regardless of what others will think.

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