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Best T-Shirt Outfit Ideas to Look Great in Tees

Best T-Shirt Outfit Ideas to Look Great in Tees

Wherever you go, there’s a high chance that you’ll see a lot of men in Tees. Some men wear baggy, loud, or faded t-shirts, that doesn’t look appealing. That’s why there’s a big question that a lot will ask: “Can I look amazing wearing a T-shirt?” In reality, the answer is yes, you can wear a T-shirt and look great! The T-shirt might seem like a simple garment at first glance but it's actually anything but gold. All you have to do is to know the secrets to look good in one. That’s why Graphic Jaw is here to share these secrets with you.

Here are some stylish suggestions and best outfit ideas to look good in Tees.

  • Put a vest on
  • If you want to add maturity to your t-shirt look, the best way to do it is to wear a vest. Vests are often associated with older men who are wealthy or have good taste. Putting a vest on is very helpful if you want to pull up a more sophisticated vibe. Just make sure that your shirt is tightly tucked under the vest. Good tucking will keep any shirt fabric from ‘ballooning' in little puffs from the bottom – which tends to draw more attention to your waist.

  • Wear a sports jacket
  • Wearing a good-quality sports jacket is the best way if you want to pull up ruggedness to your look. Ticket pockets, arm patches, and pleats are some features that make jackets very stylish. Since jackets have their origin as a gentleman’s sporting attire, they also accentuate masculinity. To match up a jacket with your shirt – the first thing you should pay attention to is the collar. There should be some similarity between the jacket’s collar shape and the shirt's neckline.

  • Match your Tee with dark, well-fitted jeans
  • If you want to make your outfit look sexier, including the t-shirt you have on, find jeans that complement your body type. Denim has this uncanny ability to make your whole outfit sexier. Pick dark blue because it’s the most versatile, and you can use these pants to dress up/down based on the occasion. Take your style a step further by turning the jeans into a dark wash pair. You can produce a darker hue and pattern through the vintage wash, stone wash or acid wash. This helps prevent the jeans from looking too faded – which is good for men who wear them regularly.

    T-shirts can be incredibly stylish if you know how to wear them. A well-fitted, carefully selected T-shirt can make you the best-dressed guy in the room at a casual event. Never think that a fancy suit and tie is the only way to look good. That’s why if you’re looking for high-quality Tees to wear at any event, Graphic Jaw is your best option.